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Strapless Knee Protection
- Always Available
- Retractable, Light & Robust
- All Day Strapless Comfort
- Trades & Many Occupations
- Replaceable Pads
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Waist Mounted System
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Video: Retractable Kneeling Pad
  • UNIQUE SINGLE KNEE PAD: If you frequently kneel in your work, and most of the time you are taking a single knee because it’s quick and stable, then the KneelPad is for you. Worn on the hip, KneelPad is always available throughout the working day, no matter how often you kneel, padded comfort is on hand each and every time, so never risk your knees for a moment.

  • NO KNEE STRAPS: Knee pads with straps can be uncomfortable and are typically worn for heavier floor-based jobs, making them impractical for lighter general all-day work. However, your knees should be cushioned when kneeling no matter how lightly or infrequently you kneel. KneelPad, fills this gap as it is worn on the belt or trouser top, staying out the way until you need it. It's great when wearing shorts too.

Always Ready
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE: Clipped to your hip, the pad is always on hand, so your knee is padded every time you kneel, no more looking for a foam mat or strapping on pads just to kneel for a moment.

    KneelPad weighs very little, you’ll probably forget you have it on. When you rise the Pad retracts automatically leaving your hands free to assist in rising or carrying tools.

Trades & Other Roles
  • KNEE COMFORT FOR MANY OTHER OCCUPATIONS: It’s not just the Trades that need to protect their knees. KneelPad provides an option for roles that occasionally kneel, but traditionally would not wear knee pads at work; Nursing Staff, Warehouse Workers, Supermarket Staff, Photographers, Farmers, Mechanics, Cleaners, IT Staff, Airport Ramp Agents, Dog Walkers, Engineers, Vets, Kitchen Fitters, to name a few.

Lockable Reel
  • LOCKABLE RATCHET REEL: A high-quality reel worn on the hip is at the heart of the system. This reel has a simple ratchet function that locks the cord until unlocked again. Lightly tug the cord to lock it, and tug again to unlock it. The lock ensures that the pad retracts only when you decide to stand.

Larger Pad for Gardening
  • REPLACEABLE PADS AND A LARGE 2-KNEE PAD: Replacement Single Knee Pads are available. A Large Foam 2-Knee Kneeler Pad is available as an accessory, ideal for Gardeners or tasks where two-knee kneeling is preferred. Visit the KneelPad Amazon Store for details, the link is up at the top of this page

Fit for Purpose Components
  • ROBUST DESIGN: Manufactured for commercial use. The reel is a rugged, deluxe heavy-duty, self-retracting unit, adapted specifically for the KneelPad by West Coast Chain Manufacturing Co. makers of KeyBak, WCCMC are world leading producers of heavy-duty key reels and arrestors for industry. The casing is shatter-resistant Polycarbonate. The cord is heavy-duty Aramid Fibre - Kevlar®, 1150mm in length. The Pad is made from Laminated EVA Foam. The Pads are replaceable and simply push-fit into place.

Versatile Clip/Loop Design
  • The reel is designed to fit a spring-loaded 18mm Watch Link Pin (not included) this converts the clip to a permanent belt loop if preferred. This image shows the pin fitted and there is another pin on the workbench for reference.

  • KneelPad on Instagram
  • KneelPad on Facebook
Kneel any time during your working day with KneelPad
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