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Ultra-thin Handsander
- Deep Corner Sanding
- Fingertip Flat Control
- Super-Slim Profile
- Includes Sandpaper Pack
- 125mm & 70mm Wide Cards
- Velcro Fixed Sandpaper
- Fits many Sandpaper Brands
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SanderCard's Ultra-slim profile has many uses
  • SanderCard sands directly into corners more efficiently than sanding blocks or foam sanding pads.

  • SanderCard is flat and rigid, with some flex in it, this 'flex' creates torque to apply downward force when sanding in corners, profiles, and flat surfaces, all achieved without switching hand sanding tools.

  • SanderCard is versatile, it uses a VELCRO® Brand fixing so that most makes of hook & loop abrasive paper can be used. You also can easily swap between course and fine grit papers. To get you started a 10-sheet Assorted Grit Ceramic Sandpaper set is included!

  • Access endless tight spots that other sanders can't reach and the thin profile fits into any size toolbox.

  • Abraded areas naturally feather outwards leaving the edges of large panels perfectly prepared to overlap with a powered orbital, palm, or sheet sander.

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  • SanderCard on Facebook
  • SanderCard on Instagram

SanderCard 125mm wide
For the majority of woodworking, bodywork and DIY tasks the larger 125mm sander is the ideal size, a perfect fit for the hand and great for pretty much anything you might use a Block Sander for. Excellent for abrading inside corners, sands against glass without scratching and accesses hard to reach places.

SanderCard Hobby 70mm wide
The Hobby version, 70mm wide, has the same qualities as the larger card only on a smaller scale, making it ideal for fine sanding, filing, detail work, model making, hobbies and crafting.

Hand Sanding Block
A professional quality Sanding Block made from tough Injection moulded (PUR) Polyurethane Elastomer. PUR is dense but light (not as light as foam and not as heavy as rubber). PUR has low compression and high wear resistance, ideal qualities for a Sanding Block. 125mm x70mm sanding face.

Sandpaper Packs
All our Sanders are packaged together with a 10 sheet pack of premium quality sandpaper to provide ready-to-go sanding for your Wood, Metal and DIY projects. Loop backed, 125mm x 70mm, Wet & Dry use. Also available to purchase separately.

Products: SanderCards in two sizes, a Block Sander and Sandpaper Packs
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